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Clean Tech

Our corporate foundation is built on respect for our people, your people, our projects and process, as well as and our planet.

It is from this foundation that we develop and curate the framework for our relationships, how we approach projects and problem solving, and actively participating to better the world in which we live. It is also with this foundation of respect that we bring our experience and inventivness forward to guide our problem solving with ingenuity.

Our Team

John R. Bautista III
CEO and Founder

Past VP of Technical Operations of First Priority GreenFleet, an electric and hybrid medium and heavy duty truck manufacturer; past Director of Technical Operations of KLD Energy Technologies, Inc., an electric vehicle and electric drive system design and manufacturer; former Director of Mechanical Engineering of Zero Motorcycles, manufacturer of the world’s top high performance electric motorcycle; designed built one of the first modern electric road race cars and the world’s fastest production electric motorcycle. John’s diverse background coupled with his successful business start-up experience and entrepreneurial drive has consistently led to clean transportation companies seeking his participation and consultation over the last 15 years.

Scot Harden
Sales and Marketing Director

Scot is an electric vehicle sales and marketing pioneer, power sports industry veteran and American Motorcyclist Association Hall of Fame racing champion; combining these three highly competitive business and personal endeavors while spearheading the growth and development for several iconic motorcycle companies including KTM, Husqvarna, BMW and Zero Motorcycles. In his capacity as a senior sales and marketing executive for these firms, Scot bootstrapped two of the companies (KTM and Zero Motorcycles) from start-ups to major players in their respective markets.  Scot brings a wealth of “go-to-market” experience, brand building and sales channel development to the Tropos Technologies and Cenntro Automotive team; all designed to acclerate its emergence in the electric utility vehicle market. With a focus on clean technologies and sustainable solutions for today’s business and transportation needs Scot is perfectly suited to help drive the Tropos Technologies mission forward.

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