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Silicon Valley Veteran Susan Xu Joins Tropos Technologies Board Of Directors


MORGAN HILL, CALIF. (December 12, 2017) – Susan Xu, one of Tropos Technologies’ lead investors has joined the Board of Directors at the company. The news comes on the heels of Tropos raising un oversubscribed seed-funding round of $1.2 million. Xu is one of the founders of leading web-based corporate meetings platform, WebEx. As the VP of Operations responsible for operational affairs, Xu played an instrumental role in leading WebEx’s $3.2 billion acquisition by Cisco Systems in 2007. She also established its subsidiaries in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou and Hefei in China, which made WebEx the first company to introduce Chinese engineers to Silicon Valley and one of the first IT companies to set up R&D centers in China. Xu is a past General Partner for China Century Investment. Currently, she is a Partner at Valley Inception LLC, Chairman of the Board at the Brookes Education Groups and President of Cenntro Automotive.



“I believe Tropos Technologies has a very bright future as an engineering and distribution company focused on sustainable transportation solutions”, stated Xu. “Starting with the Cenntro Metro, and combined with the wide range of engineering services offered by Tropos, we’re focused on channeling their energies and resources along the right path to ensure their success. I look forward to participating with my fellow Tropos Board members and the executive team to help them realize their goals.”

Among its own products, Tropos is the marquee dealer for the electric low-speed vehicle (E-LSV) from Cenntro Automotive Corporation called the METRO. Tropos supported the development and design of this compact utility vehicle (CUV), which is already widely available in Europe and Asia. The all-electric vehicle is a highly flexible and modular CUV ideally suited for local delivery, maintenance crew transportation, parking enforcement, and people transport on campuses or in communities.

“Having not only a lead investor, but also a Board Member, of Susan’s stature is a huge plus for Tropos Technologies,” commented Tropos Technologies CEO John Bautista. “Her past experience at successfully bootstrapping businesses from start-ups into highly successful companies in their chosen fields is a huge asset to us. Her role as President of Cenntro Automotive is especially helpful as we launch the Cenntro Metro in the U.S. market. Now, as a member of our Board of Directors, we now have a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from, as Tropos Technologies moves forward,” concluded Bautista.

About Tropos Technologies, Inc.

Tropos Technologies, Inc. is a multi-discipline service provider focused on alternative transportation. Tropos’ expertise includes, but is not limited to, Engineering, Manufacturing and Distribution of components and complete vehicles. Tropos also assisted Cenntro in the development of the Metro as well as its US Homologation and CARB certification.

About Cenntro Automotive Corporation –

Cenntro Automotive Corporation designs and manufactures all-electric utility vehicles for sale in the United States, Europe and China. Cenntro Automotive is positioned to become the global leader in production of emission-free vehicles that reach 200+ MPGe, including the versatile METRO, an All-Electric Compact Utility Vehicle. Cenntro Automotive is dedicated to developing utility vehicles that are characterized by groundbreaking design, safety, efficiency and practicality. The combination of Cenntro’s expertise and its ability to work with strategic partners worldwide allows it to develop vehicles that set new standards for functionality, size, safety and affordability.

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